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Traffic Lights Behaviour Managment Package: Pages 15

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Free Behaviour Management Package

This Package Includes : 15 pages


The Warning Chart was created to help your student manage their behaviours and

 expectations. This program can be used in the classroom, at home, or in a social setting by a

 teacher, parent or therapist. It is very easy to use and, can be modified to suit the individual

 needs of the student.


It is important the student understands the expectations and how the chart is used. This can

 be achieved through a story, a good behaviour task list, role playing or explaining. It is

 important for the student to know what the consequences will be of actions that are not

 desired, for example, will the student loose their tablet, or receive a time out.


This package includes: 2 Warning Chart ( each comes in two dierent sizes)


8 Warning Cards in two dierent sizes.

 1 Warning Strip

 10 Punishment Cards, 3 Blank, in two different sizes

 8 Warning Stickers ( two different sizes)


2 How I Did Today

 1 Behaviour Tracking Data Sheet

 There are two sizes , the larger size can be put hung on a wall or three whole punched and

 placed in a binder for the student or the smaller size can be used at the desk.


Instructions for The Teacher:

 We recommend laminating the sheets, using velcro and dry eraser for longevit

 1. Every time the student performs an action that is not desired the student receives a

 warning. These can be attached to the chart using a velcro. There are two dierent types of

 warning charts. One charts allows the student to have more warnings before the student

 receives a time out or looses a desired object, the other chart is quicker with only three

 warnings. Use the one that is appropriate for your child.


2. The day or session begins with the child having zero warnings. The child receives a card

 with 0 warnings. As the day progresses, and the child receives a warning, he will place a

 warning on his chart, after the third warning the student will loose a specified item, ie,

 playtime, or receive a time out.


3. The larger warning cards can be used to reinforce the warnings.


4. The How Did I Do Today Chart is used by the teacher , filled out, and sent home to the



 Every step is important towards reaching your full potential. Check out Niam's success story. Remember the possibilities. 

From our family to yours, we encourage learning and hope you enjoy these materials. I want to see all of our children reach their best potential.

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3 Reviews

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    social story

    Posted by bubu on 2022 Jun 19th

    Easy to use and understand

  • 5

    Posted by Khamim Fariyanto on 2021 Apr 21st

    The worksheet really helpful for my student with ASD

  • 5

    Posted by Alea Martin on 2020 Nov 26th