ADD/ADHD Screening Tools

Screening tools allow physicians to receive accurate information to assist in making a diagnosis. It can also help a parent who is concerned about the development of their child by indicating further assistance is required by a medical practioner.

Screening tools do not replace a qualified medical practioner nor are they tests or diagnostic instruments. They are simply a guide.

There are various tools used to screen for ADD/ADHD in children. The Vanderbilt ADHD rating scale can be used with children between the ages of 6-12. It is an initial assessment tool that contains rating scales for symptoms of disorders, impairments in academic and behaviour performance.

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Recognizing that your child may be having difficulties in specific areas, gives you an opportunity to begin early intervention. Please browse through Able2learn Programs and Resources to help you through your journey. Knowing where to begin, and, accessing resources can be tiring and expensive. Able2learn is here to assist you.