Screening Tools

Able2learn has received permission from the authors of two screening tools to post on our website.  These tools are made available to guide you to identify if your child may be at risk for a developmental disorder. These tools are not assessments and do not replace a medical practitioner. Discuss the results, with your doctor. Your doctor will determine if your child requires further assessments and early intervention.

What is a Screening Tool?

Screening Tools are brief measures that differentiate children who are at risk for atypical development as compared to children who are not.  The screening tools, Able2learn , has chosen for you, will help you determine if your child is at risk. The screening tools are a series of questions. These tools can put your mind at rest by screening out  children. 

It is important to note Screening Tools do not form a diagnosis.

Why Are Screening Tools Important?

Screening Tools help to monitor developmental milestones. By filling out a screening tool prior to a visit to a medical practitioner , more accurate information can help lead to a best diagnosis.  If there are red flags, appropriate steps can be taken, and early intervention can begin.Although all children are different and learn differently, research shows early intervention can improve outcomes.

Recognizing that your child may be having difficulties in specific areas, gives you an opportunity to begin early intervention.  In an effort to help you,  Able2learn has created Programs and Resources to help you through your journey.  Knowing where to begin, and, accessing resources can be tiring and expensive. Able2learn is here to assist you.