Blogging Guidelines

We love to work with bloggers. It is very important to us and a company priority to share information. Share your personal stories, educational and medical tips and research papers.

Some Blogging Ideas are:

1.Write a review on any one of our visual step by step recipes or visual programs.
2. Write a review on a product that you think may be useful for a student.
3. Write a review on a product that may be useful for a student with a disability.
4.Write a personal story.
5.Write a review on a research or newspaper article.
6.Write on any topic that may help achieve our goals of “easy access to information”.

Able2learn Inc. has the right to reject any blog and will only respond if the blog is selected for publication on the site.

Hashtag us with #able2learn on your favourite social media platform and you just might be featured on ours! To receive ABLE2LEARN INC. updates that might be of interest to your readers, sign up for our Blogger Press List here. For all other questions please email us at

If you have a story to share about a product , recipe or a program we would love to hear it. Submit a blog, a video , a picture or a combination. You never know we may post it.These kinds of submissions can be inspirational to someone else. 

  • In the item submitted, there must be at least one product feature, recipe or program. For example, a person wearing or using a product, recipe or program.
  • The person in the picture, video or blog, must be of 18 years or older. If they are a minor, please have a parent email us directly.
  • If the items submitted are not tasteful, or overly dark and blurry we reserve the right not to publish the items. In appropriate material , including , but not limited to, nudity, harming someone, treating with disrespect, using weapons , smoking, drinking, racist, derogatory.
  • Photos should be 350 pixels by 500 pixels tall.


We want the journal comments to allow for expression. You may be funny, inspiring, be open, critical, share your personal experiences, have self expression, disagree altogether, silly or laudatory. We want you to be a regular on our site and, be passionate. Remember be tasteful and refrain from using inappropriate language.

A spam filter is in place. We want and would love to have you as regular writer and , want this place to be for you. Having open-ended discussions is important.

We welcome diversity, open- thought and personal opinions. At the same time, we will be continuously monitoring for inappropriate language. Please note that all blogs and blog comments are the sole property of ABLE2LEARN.INC. and, at any time, we may remove any content that is considered inappropriate for any reason, and please always remember our Community Guidelines.


If you have an issue with any of the products purchased from our site, please, email us at  directly.  We reserve the right to delete any review we feel inappropriate, especially if we can help you.You may only review products that you have purchased.  Reviews are meant to assist the user in making a purchase.Please refrain from  negative feedback of the manufacturer of the product.



  • Tell other members what you liked about the product.
  • Tell other members what you did not like about the product and why it was not a good choice for you. Remember, it may not have worked for you, but it may be useful to someone else.
  • Tell us about the fit of the product, and, if it did not suit your body type, do you have any further suggestions
  • Negative Feedback should always be followed by something positive.

Tell members what you liked about the recipes or the program.You can discuss with members what you did not like about the program and the recipes.Please also give a positive feedback with it. Maybe the program is more suited for a learner of a different level or, you would have liked to have seen an easier or a more difficult program or recipe.We would like to hear about your comments and suggestions. Please contact us at  for any feedback that we maybe able to assist you with.

Please include what you liked and what you did not like, and how we can improve the material. We are here to help you, so please provide regular feedback.


We reserve the right to remove any user-submitted content we feel is unacceptable for any reason. If you are unsure why your content was removed pleasefeel free to email us would be happy to assist you. More information is available on our Terms of Use policy.We claim ownership of all user-submitted content. This includes any pictures, videos, uploaded pictures from Instagram pictures, and, we reserve the right to use it on our website, Facebook, newsletter, marketing materials and,  any place we seem appropriate.  

If at anytime, you are concerned about how your submitted content is being used, please contact us at retain the right to make a final decision, to the deletion of comments, and deletion of accounts on our website and social media.For a more detailed explanation of our legal policy, please read our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Creative Commons Attribution.

Our Artists, Graphic Designers and Photographers
Our artists, graphic designers, and photographers work very hard, and are very talented. Please do not make negative comments on anyone’s artistic work. Negative comments can hurt someone , and, that is not what we are about. If you are not happy with something you see, please contact us directly at .

We are a small  start up company and will do our best to respond back to you as quickly as possible.  Please be patient. All queries are important.  When speaking to any member of the team , community and guideline policies take into effect. Any language deemed inappropriate will result in us having the option not to engage in conversation with you.

Community Guidelines includes, but is not limited to, Social Media Comments, Blogger Comments, Forum, Product Reviews, Recipe Reviews, ProgramReviews. Please be respectful and civil to other members of the website and on social media even if you disagree with them. In other words, be nice to your fellow members. Please only share information that is truthful. Please refrain from using profanity and language that is deemed unacceptable, (including but not limited toharassing, racist,hateful, abusive, degrading, threatening, derogatory, violent, vulgar, obscene language or behaviour) Any language that is deemed unacceptable content will be deleted, (including but not limited to posts, reviews, user names, subject titles, and, anywhere on the site and social media )where the user may leave a comment. You may comment to individuals on any part of the website, including social media, but you may not be rude, derogatory, use foul language or be inappropriate to fellow members.

Comment deemed inappropriate will be removed and, repeat offenders, will be deleted from the site. Inappropriate links to other websites is cause for deletion of account. Personal information may not be posted anywhere on the site, including the personal information of someone else. This includes, but is not limited to, age, name, birthdate, address, email address, telephone number. Please be careful when reading content. Members may give their opinion, advice or claim to have expertise in an area which they do not have a educational background in the subject area. Please proceed with caution. Before doing anything, please consult with a professional.

Spamming or Flooding is absolutely prohibited. Appropriate action will be taken. Solicitation or advertising of any kind is not permitted. To advertise on the site please go through the appropriate channels.

Posted content may be used in materials by ABLE2LEARN INC. This includes , but is not limited to the website, print material including books and magazines, e–newsletter. Please refer to privacy policy. If you see anything inappropriate on social media or anywhere else on the site please report it to us. We value your feedback, if you are unhappy with a member on the website, please report it to us immediately.