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Teach your child to cope with Frustration with our visual social story for behaviour management, the social story bookdiscusses easy to implement coping strategies for frustration for  your student who has autism, behaviour issues or another developmental disability. 
The book can be laminated for longevity and used in the classroom or at home to remind the student, use the story for discussion, question and answer.
My son loves this book and reads it over and over again. I often find him reading it when no one is there, this makes me happy as he is trying to understand and remind himself of the various coping strategies.
The world is full of complex rules, often difficult for our children to understand and navigate, sometimes our children may not be able to express themselves, or understand why a situation is occuring, this is when coping strategies can help the child navigate the world.  
Check out our other great behavour mangement strategies for teachers and students. We have many social stories you can download for your student.
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They are printable worksheets that are great  for Behaviour Mangement, preschoolers, early readers, visual learners and as Autism Education Resources 

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13 Reviews

  • 5
    Very good resource,

    Posted by donna milligan on 2021 Feb 10th

    thank you for providing these resources free, it can be difficult to find good resources for parents

  • 5
    i intend to use thes with some of the families that i work with in camhs

    Posted by Joanne boyle on 2020 Nov 30th

    they are a great way of getting the message across to an individual whom finds this way easier process

  • 5
    Excellent story to help students understand about frustration.

    Posted by Juliana on 2020 Nov 11th

    Thank you for this excellent story.

  • 4
    I feel frustrated social story

    Posted by Sheila Day on 2020 Jun 25th

    I think this story will be very helpful to use when trying to explain feelings and emotions and how to act appropriately

  • 5

    Posted by Michelle khan on 2020 Jun 7th

    Excellent item and very humble and grateful to receive it for free

  • 5
    Social story

    Posted by Belle on 2020 Jun 4th

    Really helpful

  • 5
    "I Feel Frustrated"

    Posted by Bernice Wonderly on 2020 Mar 10th

    This is a great item. I use it as a social story with a young student with Autism.

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly James on 2019 Oct 30th

    used well

  • 5
    Very appropriate for some of our ASD students in both elementary and middle school.

    Posted by Debi Griffith on 2019 Oct 6th

    This social story is very well done . . . covers the feelings of frustration in a simple way with some strategies to use. Graphics are simple and very appropriate.