Data Sheet: Crossing Traffic Light: 1 Page

Data Sheet: Crossing Traffic Light: 1 Page

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This Teaching Resouce Has 1 Page

Teaching your child to cross the street can be scary. Able2learn has broken down the steps. If more safety steps are required for your child, please use one of our blank data sheets to rewrite this to suit your child. 

Teaching children independent daily living skills is imperative. Studies show independent living for adults with ASD is  low with reports indicating that less than 5% live on their own. Many individuals with ASD require 24-hour care (45%) and live with their parents (45%). Reports indicate that very few adults (less than 10%) with ASD have necessary independentday-to-day household skills such as laundry, chores, and meal preparation. Able2learn has prepared easy to use data sheets that have broken the skill down in easy to follow steps. 

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    It's great, need a little more

    Posted by Nika Badiei on 2020 Aug 8th

    I like the fact that it has steps to cross the street. I would add look for traffic light. just for generalization purpose. Also pressing the button for traffic pedestrian light.