Who Is On An Airplane: Pages 13

Who Is On An Airplane: Pages 13

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Who Is On A Airplane Social Story: Pages 13 

 What Is An Airplane Social Story is part 1 of a series of social stories, explaining the concept of flying, what is a trip,  how to prepare for a trip, who is on an airplane and how to act on airplane. They are very important concepts. Many children have anxiety around flying or moving changing routine. We hope this set of stories will help.

You can pair this social story with other travelling social stories like our series on the travelling on a airplane.  Many children have anxiety around flying. I developed these social stories which explain different concepts.

We hope these social stories will help.

Two other books in the series are:

What Is An Airplane?

I Am Getting Ready To Go On A Trip


Don't forget to check out Niam's beautiful artwork at He is an accomplished artist. Watch his story and know anything and everything is possible. His story will inspire your.

Remember make it fun.


 This is a great free ABA Resource, school education program, social story and free printable worksheet for your students as part of a home living program, parental resources and school program to reinforce important skills for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

 The resource can be laminated for longevity and used in the classroom or at home to help your child learn an essential life skill.

 Check out our other great social stories for teachers and students. We have many social stories you can download for your student.

 From our family to yours, we encourage learning and hope you enjoy these materials. I want to see all of our children reach their best potential.


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