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I SEE... Identify Non-Identical Colours: Adapted Book Level 1: PAGES 22

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 This Free Printable Worksheet and Teaching Resource WorkBook , Adapted Book Has 22 Pages 
Learn about colours in this fun and interactive adapted book. Learning your colours  is essential for speech, math, language development, visual discrimination and for many other important life and school skills. This free adapted work teaching non-identical matching of colours. This means matching the colour to an object. The emphasis is matching the colour and recognition of colour.  
If you want identical matching download the free adapted book in identical matching. That is, the same object and colour to the same colour and object.
This book allows the child to learn colours without having to know how to print. We don't want to stifle learning if the child is still working on recognition. This free I SEE adapted book is a great ABA Resource and a school elementary, preschool/ kindergarten resource as part of inclusive program.
This adapted book works on the several  academic skills including Visual Discrimination. It is great as part of ABA program, preschool work centre, school education program or part of special education classroom.
The book works on the skills of matching, word development, recognition and the category of colours, a preschool kindergarten target, as well as, an ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP target for an ABA Program.
These books can be used in a traditional academic setting and, in a ABA program to practice  classroom skills and, the application of the target of learning categories in the natural environment.  Use this in a reading program ,  speech development,  science program and/or ABA programs.
The levels help a teacher who may have students at different levels in the classroom. The teacher can teach one lesson with each student receiving a book to their level. The books can also be used for special education students in a science, speech math, printing programs as supplementary education to reinforce specific academic skills.
Use the Free Adapted Book as part of your morning routine for your child. We have many free adapted books, download them all and create unique morning routines tailored at the goals for your child. Parents can create practice books at home. This is a great resource for therapists and teachers. 
At Able2learn we believe learning should be fun!
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