I Can Wash My Hair With Shampoo: Pages 14

I Can Wash My Hair With Shampoo: Pages 14

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Free Social Story I Can Wash My Hair With Shampoo: This Package Includes : 14 pages


Teaching our children to be independent is very important. Bathroom skills do not just include how to wash hands, or how to goto the bathroom but also include how to take a shower. There are so many steps to teaching a child to be independent when taking a shower. I created the social story " I Can Wash My Hair With Shampoo"  I am trying to break down some of the steps to bathroom skills. You will find more free aba resources on washroom skills under Basic Living Skills.

 I had a hard time explaining to my own son Niam, who has Autism, how to wash his hair with shampoo. There was a time when he thought he had to use the entire shampoo bottle in on shower. I am so glad those times are behind us.  The book will help you explain different concepts to your child.

My son is an emerging abstract artist with his paintings being featured on CBC National, Samsung Canada amongst others. Check out his website, to see the potential.  

Hope this books helps you. This book can be used as part of a puberty section in health. 

This free social story can also be used as part of a reading program or behaviour management program.  Use the book to talk, ask questions and answer questions.

 This is a great ABA Resource, school education program, social story and free printable worksheet for your students as part of a home living program, parental resources and school program to reinforce important skills for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

 The resource can be laminated for longevity and used in the classroom or at home to help your child learn an essential life skill.

 Check out our other great social stories for teachers and students. We have many social stories you can download for your student.

 From our family to yours, we encourage learning and hope you enjoy these materials. I want to see all of our children reach their best potential.


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