Yes and No  Pecs: 2 Pages

Yes and No Pecs: 2 Pages

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This Program Has 2 Pages

Able2learn has created Yes and No (1.5 inches 1.5)  for your student. The cards are visual reminder.   There are many ways to use these cards.  Learning to use yes and no appropriately is very complex. The visuals will be a great tool to help your student.

The cards can be used to visually reinforce a question you want to ask your student.  Do you want a apple?  or Are you tired?

Show the visual response. If you are just beginning to teach, and you know your student will want a cookie, and the answer will be yes, ask the question and, help your student give you the correct response of yes. Proceed to give the cookie.

The visuals can be used in academic programs, ABA/IBI programs or day to day course of life.


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