Free Downloadable Autism Story. Read it in the classroom or to other children to raise awareness of Autism. Autism Awareness Day

Where Is The Mouse? Autism Story: Pages 23

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Free Autism Story: Where Is The Mouse? Autism Story: This Package Includes : 23 pages


"Where Is The Mouse?" is a  Free Autism Story.   Teachers can download the free Autism story to teach about autism in their classroom.  Use the book to prompt questions and, give examples of different types of behaviours. The hero of the story is an Autism Boy, Jason,  who finds the mouse.  Jason's behaviour and communication is not typical of other children. The moral of the story is  have to look beyond what we think is typical to understand what Jason is trying to tell us, and that is , where is the mouse. 

This book can be read to siblings or anyone in a child's life to open up the discussion about Autism. It is a great story for Autism Awareness Day. 

This book was created by an OCAD student who interned with us for her course. She worked very hard on the story and did a great job!

 This free  story can also be used as part of a reading program. Use the book to talk, ask questions and answer questions.


 The resource can be laminated for longevity and used in the classroom or at home.

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 From our family to yours, we encourage learning and hope you enjoy these materials. I want to see all of our children reach their best potential.


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