Free Autism Resources and Free ABA Resources in Social Studies Recycling Unit for Special Education Teachers for Earth Day

Recycling Social Studies Unit: Pages 111

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Free Recycling Social Studies Mega Pack : This Package Includes : 111 pages

This Mega Pack was made by my son Rohan, who is 16 years old. Rohan attends Crescent Boys School in Toronto.(His Media Arts Class Came In Handy!) He is an avid supporter and activist for the impact of climate change.  He runs a blog I recommend you to encourage your students to follow and contribute. 

To learn more about how to use the Mega Pack read this blog written by Rohan.

 Why I Made The Environmental Mega Pack .

Rohan believes every student can learn about the environment and do their part in their own way. Rohan's younger brother Niam, who has Autism,  has been using the Mega Pack to learn about the environment. When I was teaching Niam Rohan was video taping the sessions. Rohan will be posting the clips shortly, to give you ideas on how you can use the Adapted Environment Mega Pack to teach your child/student about Earth Day, the Importance of the Environment and how to transfer the skills in everyday life.

I noticed Niam has been recycling his plastic bottles and paper bags at home and in public places. The visuals are great and can be cut out to be used in the environment.

Use the Packet to Teach Practical Recycling Skills for Independent Living.

 Learning about recycling and our environment is very important. This mega pack book will help your student learn the definitions of the recycling and Earth Day Unit in a fun and creative way.

This Social Studies Mega Pack includes the

1. Earth Day Social Studies Social Story

2.Bingo Units

3. Recycling Journal

4. Sorting Mat



6. Flashcards ( and more)

This Mega Pack is NOT different from the individual programs already up in this section. 

To learn how to use this see the blog Why I Made The Environmental Mega Pack 

Don't forget to check out Niam Jain's inspirational story:


  This is great as part of  homeschooling, homeschooling materials,  school eduction program, ABA , ABA Therapy. Anybody can use these pecs, printable worksheet, you don't have to have autism or special needs.


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2 Reviews

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    Posted by on 2021 Mar 18th

    So much effort was put into this resource. Very appropriate for the teenagers with Autism and other special needs that I teach. There are a few minor spelling errors but that is easily corrected with an app extension. Thank you so much your contributions to the special needs community.

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    Recycle program

    Posted by Sara on 2019 May 22nd

    This is a great program to help to learn about recycling!