Matching Words and Printing, Social Studies, Earth Day: 8 Pages

Matching Words and Printing, Social Studies, Earth Day: 8 Pages

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This Package Includes: 9 pages

Teach your child all about social studies and Earth Day with this great school education learning worksheet. These are free printable worksheets, print them out and get started. They come in two levels allowing for integration or for added learning over a few days. The first set works on cutting and gluing skills, the other, works on printing skills while learning all about recycling.  There is a word box for those children with special needs or autism, who require extra supports. This is a wonderful and fun program for your child. It is easy to use. The program comes in  It can be used to teach recycling and vocabulary. Use it part of school education program or ABA program for Social Studies in recycling or Earth Day.


It can be implemented in ABA program, ABA Therapy, in a classroom, for adaptive program and for a school education program, be creative and use it  for teaching receptive and/or expressive language, learning definitions. 

Laminate the cards for durability. Using velcro is an option.
Remember make learning fun!
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