PECS - Leisure

PECS - Leisure

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How To Use PEC's:

Able2learn has created PEC's for your child to use in various settings and programs.


1.  PEC'S stands for PICTURE EXCHANGE SYSTEM.  Pec's allow children who require additional support  with communication. It is widely used by children who have little or no communication abilities.  Children are taught to approach another person and give them a picture of  a desired item in exchange for that item.

2.  PEC's can be used to encourage verbal language.  Pictures can be taped or velcro  on cupboards, toy boxes, or anywhere. The  child is taught to ask for the item in exchange for the desired item.  Depending on the child, it can be a full word, a approximation or a sound.

3.  The PEC's can be used to practice speech. Touch the picture and have your child say the word.  The pictures can be cut out  and placed in front of the child.


1. Matching Games: Print out two sheets.  Laminate and cut out the squares. Play matching games.

2. Go Fish: Print out four sheets and glue onto cut out playing cards.

3. Memory Game: Print out two sheets


     1. Use the PEC's for ABA/IBI programs.

     2. Use the PEC's as visual supports for academic programs.


We hope you enjoy our PEC's. They were made in-house by our very own talented Graphic Design Artists. We would love to hear how you used the PEC's with your child.


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2 Reviews

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    great picture icons

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Oct 6th

    Great picture icons to use with students to aid them in making choices.
    Thanks so much!

  • 5
    Ready to print and go!

    Posted by signe on 2017 Sep 11th

    Clear, recognizable graphics with words, perfect to use.