My Bathroom Rewards Chart: Learn Toileting PAGES 10

My Bathroom Rewards Chart: Learn Toileting PAGES 10

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This Book Has 3 Pages
Teach your child to learn specific goals by choosing a motivating reward chart and, working towards the pre-defined goals. This rewards chart for toilet training is great for the child who already is familiar with the sequence of going to the washroom.  It is easy to implement and can be used anywhere, at school, home or in a frequented spot.
This package includes:

1. Three charts with different themes. (firefighter, balloon, and boats)

2. Two of the charts are for peeing and one is for pooh.

3. This package has 24 icons per theme.

4. This page comes with 6 reward icons per theme.

The resource can be laminated for longevity and used in the classroom or at home to reward and motivate your child.

Toileting can often by a complex and challenging skill for a child to learn and for a parent, teacher to teach. We hope this reward package, will help aid in the learning of this important skill.
Remember each skill a child learns is a skill learned toward their potential. My son Niam who has Autism is an emerging artist. Niam has limited speech and comprehension but he is able to express himself through his paintings. Check out his amazing and inspirational story.
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