My Washroom Goals Chart: TOILET TRAINING: PAGES 11

My Washroom Goals Chart: TOILET TRAINING: PAGES 11

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This Book Has 8 Pages
Teach your child to learn how to go to toilet train by using this fantastic resource, My Washroom Goals Chart is easy to use and quite effective.
It comes with Rewards, visual Checklist, how to wash hands, rewards and goals chart.
 My Potty Chart

This package comes with:


1. 2 charts, one blank and one with goals for the child to complete.

2. This package comes with 48 green stars.




1. Laminate all the items.

2. Cut out all the pieces.

3. Velcro all the pieces.

4. Choose the potty chart you want to start with.


Toilet training can often be complex and challenging skill for a child to learn and for a parent, teacher to teach. We hope this reward package, will help aid in the learning of this important skill.
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