Memory  Game: Colour: 5 Games: 12 Pages

Memory Game: Colour: 5 Games: 12 Pages

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This Teaching Resource Workbook Has 12 Pages



The memory game or concentration is a fun game to play. It is easy with many learning


benefits. Some skills that are worked on are memory, observation, paying attention to fine


detail, turn taking and concentration. This is a great game your child can play with his


peers at school for socialization.



Number of Players



The game is designed for two or more players. It is possible to play the with one person.



Object Of The Game



The object of the game is simple. It is to collect the most matching pairs.


Laminate the sheets. Cut them out. A large surface to play.



Game Set Up



Choose the diculty of the game. More items to match will make the game more dicult.


Our theme is matching colours. Make it fun by rolling a dice or asking a question to


decide who will go first. Lay out the cards side down. The cards will be flipped over. Make


sure there is enough room between cards.



How To Play



The first person will choose two cards and flip them over. If there is a match the player will


keep the cards and, flip again. The player keeps his turn until there is not a match. If there


is not a match, the player will turn the cards back over in the same spot. It is the next


players turn. The game continues until all the cards have been matched. The player with


the most matched cards is the winner



Helpful Tip: Teach your child to pay attention to the other players turn. This way he can


memorize the cards, and will be more likely to create a match.



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