Learning Bar Graphs Level 2: Pages 12

Learning Bar Graphs Level 2: Pages 12

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This program has 10 Pages

This level is different from Level 1 as it has more items for the child to count.

 Able2learn Counting Program teaches the skill of counting in incremental steps. The program is step by step.  Teach your child to count and graph.  The worksheets encourage counting, visually display the items that need to be counted. In this level, we have put the numbers on the bar graph to visually aid the child on how a graph is read, and coloured.


Graphing can be a difficult concept to understand. We have broken the task of learning how to graph in easy to follow workbooks. Graphs can be used for many purposes, for example comparing items or to see how something changes over time. 

There is an x-axis (horizontal) and a y-axis (vertical).  Typically the x-axis consists of what is being measured, numbers for the time period, and the y-axis has numbers for the amount of items being measured. 


This program encourages the child to increase their abilities in counting, pencil control, practice printing numbers, familiarity with a number line, and visual discrimination. 

This program can be used in a classroom setting, as supplementary materials and part of a ABA program.


This program can be laminated and reused.


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