Learn To Identify & Draw Shapes: Level 1a: 12 Pages

Learn To Identify & Draw Shapes: Level 1a: 12 Pages

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This Teaching Resource Workbook Has 12 Pages

 Level 1 has large guides to encourage more fine pencil control.

It is important to create a learning enviornment to teach children to learn and explore math concepts. We provide developmentally approrpiate materials and opportunties to introduce children to the concpet of math, in particular learning and drawing shapes.

Learning to describe shapes is an important part of preschool, JK, SK math curriculum.

Children will learn to recognize, draw shapes, hold a pencil and work on pre printing skills  with this guided math worksheet.

 Take the child around the room to identify shapes around the room, can they identify a circle or a triangle in their natural surrounding.

Learn the approrpiate words for the shapes introduces to the child to math words.


Preschool teachers can create an environment in which children are eager to explore and learn about math. They can provide developmentally appropriate materials and opportunities to help preschoolers understand the topic. Math can be a part of daily routines, activities, and interactions in preschool.



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