Learn Simple Gross Motor Tasks  Flashcards: Pages 6

Learn Simple Gross Motor Tasks Flashcards: Pages 6

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Free Flashcards in Motor Development An Ablls-R Target Has 6 Pages

Early Intervention for Autism is very important. These free flashcards in Teaching Motor Skills is very important for a child's development. Often times, processing and motor co-ordination can be difficult. These cards can also be used for language development and comprehension. The skills worked on are more than one. The free flashcards in Motor development  can be used for  a gym program. Niam used these cards to learn.
I randomly will label, comment or ask Niam part of items found in his environment. It is a great way to learn. The cards we have made can be used at the desk , in the classroom, and carried over to toys or items the child could be familiar with.
Remember early intervention is important. All of these goals progress to big goals. It not about the cure, but about the POTENTIAL. Take my son, Niam Jain Autism Artist. He does not have full speech but what he has accomplished is amazing. Let us celebrate the potential and not the cure.
All the books come with additional visual aids to help your child be successful.


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