Learning Common Nouns  Flashcards: 50 Flashcards: Pages 7

Learning Common Nouns Flashcards: 50 Flashcards: Pages 7

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This Free Teaching Resource, Printable Worksheet Has 4 Pages
 These flashcards are different from the set of 10 flashcards, some words maybe the same but the picture on the flashcard will be different.
I remember spending many sleepless nights making flashcards, I hope I am able to help some of you out by providing these flashcards for your education use, and those of you who have children with special needs, autism or speech delay, these flashcards will be helpful as resources for your education programs. These flaschards and printable worksheet are free.
Use these flashcards as part of ABA program or to teach your child common nouns found in the enviornment. This free worksheet has 6 flashcards per page, print them out laminate them for longevity. These cards can be used as  a supplmentary to an education program
autism aba program or part of the education curriculum. This product is a free worksheet and download.

 I used flashcards with my son as part of his ABA program to learn words and to work on speech articulation.

Later the flashcards came in handy as a supplmentary for his other academic subjects, especially reading comprehension as part of languge program.  

Let us know how you use the flascards.

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