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Toileting can be difficult for many children. Touching and smearing pooh is not as uncommon amongst children as some may think, my own child passing through this most embarrassing phase. Some children not only put pooh on themselves, on the walls but on others, and even sometimes in their mouth, alot having to do with sensory. I hope this social story will help, it is an interverbal fill in social story - also and ABLSS-R target, if this is too difficult for your child to follow we have another social story without the fill in.
The resource can be laminated for longevity and used in the classroom or at home to help your child learn an essential life skill.
My son loves this book and reads it over and over again. I often find him reading it when no one is there, this makes me happy as he is trying to understand and remind himself of the various steps and expectations in a grocery store.  Read the story together, ask questions, use it for speech, comprehension and learning.
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 They are printable worksheets for preschoolers, early readers, visual learners and as Autism Education Resources 

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7 Reviews

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    Don't play with Pooh

    Posted by Jane on 2022 Apr 7th

    Great booklet but in the UK we would spell this differently - poo rather than pooh

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    playing with poo

    Posted by helen smith on 2021 Nov 24th

    I found this book useful. We have a child who has this issue both at home and school and we are reading it with her daily. My only criticism is that in Canada, we spell it POO (no H) so it would be nice to have that version available too.

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    Don't play with poo

    Posted by Josephine S on 2021 Feb 7th

    A great resource, would prefer "Poop" instead of Pooh as I think of Pooh Bear every time I see it! We only say poo in Australia so I whited out the "h"

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    just what I was looking for, thanks! pictures are clear and text is to the point

    Posted by Nadine Urban on 2020 Oct 18th

    This saved me a lot of time!

  • 5
    Don't Play With Pooh

    Posted by Valerie on 2020 May 13th

    Very helpful. Visuals are clear. Words used are simple and easily understood.

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    Perfect explanation

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 Jun 9th

    This is a perfect social story that expresses very clearly a topic that can be uncomfortable.

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    Wonderfully written!

    Posted by Sandra Bloom on 2018 Jan 18th

    All of these social stories are very well written and are perfect for our learner with special needs. Thank you!