Autism Emergency Contact Form

Autism Emergency Contact Form

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The Autism Emergency Form can be used to identify the child or person in case of an emergency. It includes information that would otherwise not be included in a intake form. This form can be used by any child who has a developmental disability. It is not limited to children on the Autism Spectrum. 

The form can help workers in emergency services identify your child, and know how to communicate with your child. This is important. If your child is touch adverse, or communicates through sign language, this information can be communicated on the emergency form.

Having a developmental disability is lifelong. It affects the everyday life of a person. Associated behaviours are not intentional or deliberate. The person is doing the best job. Awareness of developmental disabilities is important, as is, acceptance. The intention of the  form  is to help  highlight these issues to ensure your child is dealt with in the utmost care and understanding.

I hope you are able to utilize this form. Please send us your suggestions and comments to improve the form.