Niam Jain Art Cookbook Pages: 196

Niam Jain Art Cookbook Pages: 196

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This Package Includes : 196 pages

Step by Step Recipes and Niam Jain Autism Artist Art


I created this cookbook for kids. The cookbook has a large assortment of step by step recipes for your student or child to learn how to cook. The recipes teach independent living skills, while also focusing on reading comprehension, sequencing, clean up , social skills. The Cookbook features my brother Niam Jain, who is a celebrity artist. The cookbook is inspirational not only to a person with Autism but anyone. Everyone can reach their full potential. Don't give up and know here at Able2learn we care about you!

Our Visual Programs Use Colour Coded Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons to assist those learners who are unable to distinguish between sizes. They can be found in the Able2learn Shop.


The cookbook features Niam Jain Autism Artist famous paintings. Niam is world renowned with his paintings selling for thousands at galleries. Lets celebrate the potential of all our kids! Created by my son Rohan Jain. 

Cooking is important to learn independent daily living skills, vocational skills in culinary, reading, social skills, speech development, auditory processing, following directions, sequencing, and learning fine motor skills.

Many children including those with Autism and other developmental disabilities are visual learners.  Based on numerous studies, research shows skills can be maintained when children learn through visuals in a fun and interactive environment. Our visual recipes are evidence based and will provide a foundation for your child to learn necessary independent skills that are important in life. Many school programs do not look at teaching functional skills for independence.  Able2learn's  visual recipes can be found in three different levels attempts to fill this gap. 

Our visual recipes come with a literacy component intended to help those children who require to work on language and literacy skills. Able2learn  understands parents are busy and the cost of therapists can be expensive. In our recipes, we have included a data sheet already completed for parents and teachers to use. 

Did you know adults living with ASD have shockingly low independent living skills  with less than 5% living on their own. 45% require 24 hour care and live with their aging parents. Less than 10% have necessary independent day-to-day household skills such as laundry, chores, and meal preparation. Our program attempts to address these staggering statistics.

From our family to yours, we encourage learning and hope you enjoy these materials. I want to see all of our children reach their best potential.

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3 Reviews

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    Posted by tracy on 2022 Mar 30th

    I loved the cookbook and I loved the introduction. The recipes are not exactly what my students like to eat and do not use ingredients they are likely to have access to. However, I am excited to share this with my student

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    amazing cookbook

    Posted by Emily Mittani on 2019 Oct 25th

    What a treasure that you are offering my students!! I work with adults with special needs and they were so excited to learn about the Jain brothers and very excited to start cooking. This is an incredible resource that you are offering! Thank you so very much!!!

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    Niam Jain Art Cookbook For Kids

    Posted by Teresa on 2019 Oct 1st

    This is a wonderful resource to use during Life Skills with our ASD student.