Learn Prepositions Flashcards 2: PAGES 3

Learn Prepositions Flashcards 2: PAGES 3

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Learning language can be difficult for many children.  Learning prepositions can be considered  abstract to learning more concrete objects like nouns.  Prepositions describe the location of an object or noun in relation to another object or noun.
 I personally found my son had difficulty learning prepositons, as the answer was relative to how he perceived the picture and the angle of his observation.  For example,  a toy lying "on " the floor is a preposition, if the toy is beside a box,  the child could precieve it has  "next to"  the box, it can also be considered "beside"  or  "near" depending on the preception of the child and, from where the child is located.   
In my opinion, the best way to teach prepositions is by showing the child and, having the child do the preposition.
Some ideas are, have the child stand on a chair to understand the prepositon on. The child can place a ball under the table to understand the word under.  
I used to take pictures of my son performing actions on his tablet and ask him, what he is doing. He was more successful at learning.
We hope you like our preposition flashcards to aid your child to learn.
We are supporters of Inclusive Learning and,  have developed a program that can be used by all children 
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