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Thanks to our Able2learn community of contributors, we’re building a special space in the online world. Our audience is filled with parents, teachers and others supporting and caring for one another.


Why we need your stories:

Our stories are meant to inspire parents and teachers, at the same time, creating awareness on issues that are often misunderstood.  Our goal is to create strength, joy and bonding amongst our community members. Real life stories highlight the joys, struggles and emotions surrounding topics of education and special needs. Every story that you submit and we publish brings us closer to our goal of creating awareness and building relationships and strength.

What Makes a Story For Able2learn?

Our strongest and most important stories are real life stories that are important and impressionable moments in your life. Some examples of stories are:

1.  Your experiences in using Able2learn Materials with your child or students. 

2. An experience you had with a stranger with your child ( A child with special needs) - good or bad - When a Stranger Helped my Daughter with Autism After She Had A Meltdown.

3.  An experience your child had with a playmate: My Child Was Included in With Friends At School

We want you to include your personal feelings in your storiesStories can include topics such as growth, inclusion, love, understanding, acceptance, struggles ( personal or your child's). Write your storyin a way that will highlight your issue but will also inspire the reader. We want our readers to leave feeling good and hopeful thus, try to ensure your reader could relate this to their own journey.

Please visit our community guidelines for information about language.

A brief outline is:

1. 500-800 words

2. Refrain from using slang, or offensive language.

3. We reserve the right to edit the stories according to our guidelines.

4. Please include a short profile and your name.

5. We cannot publish every story written to us and we reserve the right to not publish a story.

6. We accept previous published posts.