Phonics: Matching Words To The Same Sound Level 1: 11  Pages

Phonics: Matching Words To The Same Sound Level 1: 11 Pages

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This Free Printable Workbook and Worksheets Includes: 11 pages

Learning about phonics is very important. It helps with reading and spelling. Learning the sounds of the letters will help your student decode words as they read. Knowing the sounds of letters, phonics, will help your student know which letters to print as they learn to write. Level 1 comes with visual prompts to help the child learn the concept of phonics and, can be used to teach language and new words at the same time.

My son Niam who has Autism, learned phonics when he was just 3. It took a long time but I did not give up. Today Niam can read. Although he still has trouble with comprehension, it is important not to give up and keep moving forward.

Our phonics program can be used in a regular classroom, for homeschooling and for children with Autism and special needs as part of a ABA program. It is also a great ABA Resource as the worksheets are made with real pictures. These can be used with a child with Autism in a integrated classroom to use in a classroom and to reinforce learning skills. 

It can be implemented in ABA program, ABA Therapy, in a classroom, for adaptive program and for a school education program, be creative and use it  for teaching receptive and/or expressive language, learning definitions. 

Laminate the cards for durability. Using velcro is an option.
Remember make learning fun!
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