Learn About Habitats: Desert:  PAGES 67

Learn About Habitats: Desert: PAGES 67

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This Book Has 67 Pages
Learn About Desert Habitats
This book is part of a series of programs to bridge the gap between IBI programs and the Standardized Educational System. The book can be used at home, in the educational system and part of a specialized program. It is not limited to children with special needs but it designed and written in such a way to include this population. Worksheets are made in black and white , real pictures, color pictures andenvironmental pictures to teach the child to recognize different rainforest animals in dierent forms. 
The Desert book was designed to help the child be excited about in a fun andengaging way. We have created a collection of printable worksheets for Early Learners in fun and engaging activities. These worksheets can be used as a program or pairedwith other activities and curriculum for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten and childrenwith Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities.The book is more than just a science pond habitat book. It works on speech development, visual discrimination, auditory processing, language expansion, math,reading skills, comprehension and sentence development while working on fine motorskills. We have provided visual pictures for the child to help follow instructions, to understand the expectation and to be successful.
We want to take the pressure out of learning. Equally important for the child is to work on dierent skills at the same time. Bonding and having fun with  science, while concentrating on other academic skills makes learning adventurous. We hope you enjoy the program.
We are supporters of Inclusive Learning and,  have developed a program that can be used by all children 
At Able2learn we believe learning should be fun!


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