How To Sign Up Instagram and Use It: Step by Step Visual Instructions: Pages 15

How To Sign Up Instagram and Use It: Step by Step Visual Instructions: Pages 15

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This Package Includes: How To Sign Up For Instagram: Step by Step Visual Instructions: Pages 15

Up to now I have concentrated on Early Intervention Programs, but I have now started creating Life Skills Programs for older children. This is a fantastic program for older teens.  This is a great program to transfer the skills of learning all about me. How to transfer this knowledge to a practical life skill? This is a free autism resource to teach your child how to sign up for Instagram. Technology and social media is big part of life. 

Instagram can be a great place to transfer some of the life skills learned in earlier years, to make friendships, foster social skills, teach our kids to express themselves and to teach how to promote businesses. My own Instagram page has been great for Niam (Niamjainart) . He is typing uploading pictures, and expressing himself. He loves looking at it.  I have taught him rules and, I diligently monitor the activity on the page. 

Niam has successfully used social media and Instagram  to promote his artwork and create a small business. This would not have been possible without this amazing plattform.  Check out Niam's successful business:

Be creative!


It is step by step with all sorts of great teaching tools.


Having independent skills is very important, but learning how to transfer these skills to practical life skills is equally important. 

I hope you will be able to use this product with your clients, students and child. 

If your child is having problems with some of these concepts , we have a  level 1 and level 2 Personal Information Book , and, an All About Me Series to give your child the base for being able to do this program.

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