Healthy Eating Meal Plan: Incl Recipes:  18 Pages

Healthy Eating Meal Plan: Incl Recipes: 18 Pages

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This Package Includes: 18 Pages

In this package you will receive a 7 day meal plan for your child to follow. Use it to teach healthy eating and, for meal planning lessons. Also included are recipes. Made by a dietician.

 I am a big proponent of Healthy Eating. Children with Autism often do not have healthy diets due to sensory , taste and food aversion issues. This can be a very big challenge for teachers and parents.  Research shows teenagers with Autism have higher  Obesity rates which leads to many Healthy Issues later on in life.  I have written a few blogs on the subject, I urge you all to read.  

1. The first blog looks at the issue with some real life tips you can implement.

2. The second blog is a narrative story how I got my own son with Autism, Niam to eat different foods. Niam is no longer overweight.

3. The third blogs examines why it is important to teach our children to cook.

4. Is a cute blog on Niam's obsession with Carbs.


Awhile back, when I was creating my step by step visual cooking videos, I hired a dietician to create a healthy meal plan. She included the recipes.  Download and use as a guide. Check with your doctor to make sure it is a right fit for you. 

Never give up on your child or student.  Check out Niam Jain's inspirational story.


Best of luck and please write comments on how you are doing and any tips you can share with the rest of the community.

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