Fruits and Vegetables: The Food Group: Level 2 8 Pages

Fruits and Vegetables: The Food Group: Level 2 8 Pages

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This Package Includes: 8 pages


Able2learn has made a visual interactive nutrition program.  This program comes in two levels. Each program comes with visual aids to help your child be successful and learn. The program allows for inclusion in the classroom, allows a teacher to have adapted materials for her lesson, and can be used for ABA programming to learn about categories.

Learning about healthy eating is very important for our children, as obesity is becoming an epidemic. This program can be used as part of a homeschooling program, part of a science program or healthy eating.

 Learn about the  food groups: Fruits and Vegetables

 Level 1  is colour coded to give addtitional visual aids to your child while they are learning this important unit.

Level 2 is not colour coded. This makes the level more difficult without visual prompts.

This program works on the academic skills:

matching skills, category identification, printing, word searches, cross words, mazes, printing, pencil control, cutting and glueing and so much more.

This program will teach your child to have discussions about healthy food choices and nutrition. Learning about the food pyramid, healthy eating, food groups is very important.  

Lets teach our children to have healthy choices.

 I hope you enjoy this program.

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