Recycling Glass Poster:  PAGES 1

Recycling Glass Poster: PAGES 1

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This Poster is 1 Page
Learning about recycling and our enviornment is very important. Use this poster as part of a social studies unit or on Earth Day. It is visually appealing and simple even for the child with Autism, special needs or a developmental disability. What is glass? Where do  you recycle glass? Safety around glass are all important parts of learning about glass and recycling. Don't forget to check out our other great posters and social studies, recycling and Earth Day Unit.
This is an excellent resource for a school education program. This is lovely poster to put up on the wall in your classroom to remind your student of knowledge taught in a recycling unit.  It is a free printable worksheet.
This is great as part of  homeschooling, homeschooling materials,  school eduction program, aba , aba therapy. Anybody can use these pecs, printable worksheet, you don't have to have autism or special needs.
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