Food Identical Picture  Matching Program with ABLLS-R™ Words (Lv. 3)

Food Identical Picture Matching Program with ABLLS-R™ Words (Lv. 3)

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This Package Includes: 8 pages

What makes our identical matching program unique?

1. The program works on the following academic skills: identical matching, pencil control, learning how to draw straight lines, and speech development.
2. The  program comes in four levels to encompass all children who are at different learning developments. This allows a teacher to teach one class but to individualize a program for each child. 
3. The program allows a child to progress through the different levels. The different levels allows a child to work on pencil control while learning identical matching. Depending on your child's ability , start on the level that is suited for your child.

 4. The words  the children match to are the 220 noun list from Dr. Partington's ABLLS-R list. This allows a child who is learning words in a ABA program to have another opportunity to practice vocabulary development.

Download the entire package of 220 ABLLS-R vocabulary words or download the words by category as identified by expert psychologist  Dr. James Partington.
Download individual sheets.
The choice is yours.
I hope these programs will help your child.
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