Draw And Write Journal - Boys Version

Draw And Write Journal - Boys Version

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This Package Includes: 24 pages

This writing journal is great for showing student writing progress throughout the school year. 

We want all children to be excited about writing. It is an important skill to learn. To make your child excited about writing we created a cute personalizedjournal.  Each journal sheet comes with  a space to print, draw a picture and a graphic organizer.

There is a boy version and a girl version.
Contents of the Journal 
1. The student begins by personalizing the book with their name and drawing a picture of themselves. 
2. There is a visual picture strip on how to hold a pencil. 
3.  For those children who require extra support we have included a visual supports on how to use a journal.  
4.  There is a simple graphic organizer for each writing sheet.
5. Writing sheets come with a place to draw and colour a picture and print your thoughts.
I personally like to see how my son's writing progresses through the year and, I hope you enjoy your child's success.I hope you enjoy the book.
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