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Past Present Future Verbs: Language Development, Reading and Matching: 60 Pages

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Learn Past Present and Future Tenses; Learning Language, Matching and Reading: Pages 60

I created these cards as I noticed my own son was having difficulty with using the right tense when speaking. He understands past present and future, but sometimes the language he uses often uses the wrong tense.  I hope this program will help your student as it has helped Niam.
Teaching complex langauge can be difficult. Finding resources, creating them, or buying them can put alot of stress on a professional and a parent. I have created complex language cards to help teach your student different tenses. 
The flashcards are simple and easy to follow. There are many ways on how to use the flashcards. Following are some teaching ideas.
1. Flashcard Program
In this program, use the flashcards to introduce the verb. The flashcards can be used by running through the deck with your student and teaching the language. I am a big proponent of collecting data. That is, how many verb is your student understanding and learning. Any teaching style can be used, but it is important to know if your student is understanding the pictures. Download one of our ready to use data sheets. Data sheets can be used at every teaching moment or after a few days to ensure your student has retained the information.

2. Matching Program

Print out the flashcards twice. Match the pictures and say the verb.

3. Learning To Read

Match the word with the picture aid to the right pictures. Say the word.

4. Reading To Picture

Match the word to the right picture without the picture aid.

5. Journal Writing

Have your student write or say a sentence using the verb and draw a picture.  There are blank journals on able2learn that you can download and pair with this program.

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From our family to yours, we encourage learning and hope you enjoy these materials. We want to see all of our children reach their best potential.

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Rohan and Nina  

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    Posted by Dolly on 2021 Oct 9th

    This resource is amazing. It is great for language development. I highly recommend it.