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This website was produced by Nina Jain and Rohan Jain in partnership. From Our Family To Yours.




Eleven years ago, Nina’s son and Rohan's Brother, Niam, was diagnosed with Autism. Nina, Ravi and Rohan travelled a long and emotional journey where they witnessed and experienced many hardships with availability, equality and access to education for Niam. As many other families , the family  struggled to find resources and often made curriculum at home until the wee hours of the night. Everyone contributed to helping out.  As Niam was growing up, Rohan and Nina recognized the need for a free educational platform and a functional skills curriculum that looked at teaching language and literacy, independent daily living skills and vocational skills training for this vulnerable segment of society. Access to education is an alienable human right. In an effort to create free and affordable access to education and to change the way education is accessed the social enterprise Able2learn Inc. was established. 

What is important to note: Early Intervention it is not about the cure but The Potential.




Rohan Jain is a  co-owner in the social enterprise Able2learn Inc. Rohan learned ABA , Applied Behaviour Analysis when he was just 6 years old. Presently , he is a student at University. He has made major contributions to Able2learn from concept formation, to creating and producing visual recipes, puberty curriculum, social stores, math, reading and the 111 Page Social Studies Earth Day Curriculum.  His Niam Jain Art Cookbook of 50 Recipes as been downloaded by professionals and parents all over the world. Rohan has tested out materials, researched programs through academic journals, photographed recipes, edited, and even been a hand model. Rohan helps manage staff and is an integral part of the production process especially offering his expertise in video and website development. Rohan writes all his curriculum and is presently working on a new component of the site to be launched soon. Rohan is very active in the community and dedicates himself to giving back.  Rohan is dedicated to helping those that are marginalized. He volunteers his time at Old Age Homes, Food Bank and Children's Aid.  Rohan is a staunch environmentalist. He is currently working on banning plastics in Canada having personally given his draft legislation to the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

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When Nina was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee Award for her project “Re-Invent Learning” Nina commented, ”Able2learn Inc. is not just another blog, but is a social educational platform where parents and professionals can come together in one big community and help each other” Able2learn Inc. continues to make leaps and bounds every year. For more from Nina, read her blog posts, and follow Able2learn Inc. on various social media platforms including facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube




 Nina and Able2learn Inc. Was Mentioned In The House Of Commons for World Autism Day April 2, 2017. 

Nina's Credentials:

1. Masters of Business Administration, M.B.A - University of Wales

2. Masters of Science ( Economics) - The London School of Economics and Political Science

3. Recipient of The Queens Diamond Jubliee Award for Able2learn Inc.

3. FastForward Certified

4. The Listening Program Certified

5. Brain Train Certified

6. Joint Recipient of the Autism Speaks Community Grant with ISAND, for Video Modelling Project.



Niam is the inspiration for this project. When we first dived head first into the world of Autism, we were shocked at the high cost of therapy, limited access to Education and the number of road blocks. We were not alone. We witnessed many families struggling emotionally and financially. We decided a few years later that I wanted to create a e-learning site to help parents and public school teachers, especially those who were left with little or no supports.  Niam is progressing every day and, we are proud of his achievements whether small or big.  Niam was featured on Global News, CBC National, Samsung Canada and many more,  for his achievements in abstract painting. Please visit his website to see his beautiful paintings. Niam is selling his paintings not just in Canada but in the United States as well.  Niam is an example of what access to education can do in bringing a person to employment with supports.

Although Niam has limited speech and comprehension, early intervention, accommodation can bring our children to be gainfully employed. Niam's paintings are selling to collectors all over the world. Dive into Niam's World. 




He has supported me endlessly,  been patient, and generously contributed to this campaign. Able2learn would not be here today if it was not for him. A big round of applause for Ravi.

 Family picture: Nina Jain of Able2learn Inc. Ravi Jain, Niam Jain Autism Artist, Rohan Jain of The Social Poop




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