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Unlimited Downloads

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Be first to access new materials


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Enjoy our free YouTube  videos, Able2learn YouTube Channel,  of step by step visual recipes in different levels. Pair these research based videos with our step by step visual recipes offered in three levels. Use the videos as a supplement to your class or for parents to teach essential independent skills.

 These materials were originally created for my son Niam who has Autism.  Through early intervention and consistent teaching Niam has progressed leaps and bounds.   Niam’s story highlight the potential of all children. Niam is an emerging Canadian Artist  featured on CBC National, Samsung Canada, CTV News, Global News and many other media channels. Niam sells his artwork to collectors throughout North America.


I believe by providing education to your child/children/students you are offering them an opportunity to reach their full potential like Niam.



Don’t forget to watch  the CBC National Story on Niam and, visit his website