How to Contribute

How can I contribute to the cause? 

By Interning:
Able2learn Inc. is always looking to collaborate with various Colleges and Programs to offer Internships to students who require it to receive their degree. Please contact us for more information.

By Volunteering:
You can become a volunteer in many ways. Use your expertise, knowledge , skills and initiative to help this wonderful cause.

1.     Volunteer as a Graphic Designer to create programs and campaigns.

2.     Volunteer as a Photographer to create programs, speech cards and campaigns.

3.     Volunteer as a Computer Specialist to help us upgrade, load programs and general maintenance of the site.

4.     Volunteer as a Social Media Manager and  help promote us so other people can find us to obtain materials.

5.     Volunteer as a Videographer to create video modeling videos to help those with developmental disabilities learn.

6.     Volunteer as an illustrator to help create essential programs for individuals with developmental disabilities.

7.     Volunteer as a Blogger to  share knowledge and experiences.

8.     Volunteer as a Article Writer to share knowledge, case studies, research and write about interviews.

9.     Volunteer  as a New Idea Person. We are always looking for new and innovative ideas. 

Able2learn Inc. is happy to interview potential volunteers on a case by case basis.  Volunteer positions are unpaid, and do not promise a job. If you would like to volunteer some of your time to help Able2learn Inc. please contact  .

*Please note Able2learn Inc. does not work directly with children.
By Donating
Donate money towards the making of a program. 
100% of donations are used toward the development of programs and not for Company Expenses.
Donate a Program. 
All programs become the Rights of Able2learn Inc. All donated material will be available for free on the website. Able2learn Inc. reserves the right not to publish a program or alter a program.