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Boys Community Washroom Pecs: Learning Washroom Skills:  PAGES 3

Boys Community Washroom Pecs: Learning Washroom Skills: PAGES 3

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This Book Has 3 Pages
Learning to use the bathroom or washroom for any child can be challenging. Social skills in a public washroom, school or at home can be very challenging. Sometimes a child may not be able to articulate they need to goto the washroom or they may simply forget while playing.
The washroom pecs can be used in many ways. They can be used in a " Picture Exchange Program" as visual cues or  to help with communication and speech development.
This is great as part of  homeschooling, homeschooling materials,  school eduction program on social skills, aba , aba therapy. Anybody can use these pecs, printable worksheet, you don't have to have autism or special needs.
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