Life Skills: Learn How To Put Groceries Away: 9 Pages

Life Skills: Learn How To Put Groceries Away: 9 Pages

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Life Skills: Learning How To Put Groceries Away. Pages 9

 Able2learn is focusing on life skills curriculum. How To Put Groceries Away was created to help learners learn where groceries are kept.  Cold items are kept in the refrigerator. Frozen items are found in the freezer, which items are kept in the pantry.  This program can be used as part of a life skills curriculum and as part of a cooking prep course.

For longevity you can laminate the sheets  and velcro the answers for repeat use.

Don't forget to check out his amazing video on Niam.


 Visual Discrimination is the ability of the child to be aware of the distinctive features of forms including shape, orientation, size, and color.


Some children can have difficulty finding the subtle difference between objects.  Dr. James Partington often refers to this skill as "paying attention to fine detail."    

Not paying attention to fine detail can affect children in different ways. Some may have difficulty in reading, math, differentiating between coins, letters and numbers. For example,  bad and dad may look the same to a child. 

Able2learn has put together many different activities to help your child with visual discrimination and visual preception. Browse through our extensive library of workbooks to help your learner.

 These materials were created to give parents an option to private therapy and, to safe Teachers and Therapists time and money. We hope they are useful, time saving, and money saving.

Visual discrimination helps a child to see subtle differences between objects or pictures and to see if something matches up. This visual perceptual skill can be described as “paying attention to detail”. 

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