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Able2learn is a social enterprise committed to helping families access education.
Able2learn is the largest FREE educational website for children with Autism and other learning disabilities. We have over 900 products, 30,000 pages and evidence based learning videos. We have reached  communities and thousands of at  risk children world wide. Our products are downloaded by parents, therapists, special education teachers, non profit charities, schools, centres and  healthcare professionals.
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Through our blogs we raise awareness about different social issues from school tips, life skills, learning, academics, practical tips for parents, product/book reviews,  to Autism and Autism Research. Read reviews on the latest research,  products and engage in discussions. Follow Niam's Journey and be a part of raising public awareness, about Autism, and its effects on families, individuals, and society. 
Education is an inalienable right.  It is often difficult for families to access education for many reasons. We are committed to breaking these barriers. We want our families to have a choice. We advocate inclusion and, different learning styles. Children should have every opportunity to reach their full potential. Niam had early intervention and is now a recognized Canadian Emerging Artist. See the potential.
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